The puritan age

Note sull'Età puritana in lingia inglese, con cenni alla vita politica e culturale dell'epoca (3 pagine formato pdf)

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The puritan age (1625-1660)

The historical context.

Charles I and the clash with Parliament (1625-1642).

Charles I believed he was king by divine right; therefore his reign was tormented by the continuous clash with Parliament, which denied him the large amount of money he needed for his home and foreign policy.

He was also a patron of arts.

The Petition of Rights and Magna Carta were two documents that aimed at reducing the power of the King and denied the Sovereign the right to levy taxes or forced loans without Parliament’s consent and to imprison his subjects without reason or trial.

Ship money was a new tax introduced by Charles I to finance his Government.
All towns should pay it whether they were on the coast or not, since the Royal Navy was for the defence of the whole country.

House of Stuarts:

James I (1603-1625)

Charles I (1625-1649)