Note in lingua inglese sulle caratteristiche geografiche degli Stati Uniti: United States, landscapes, rivers, mountains, population (5 pagine formato doc)

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The United States of America is the third largest country in the world.

It is divided into 50 states;two of them, Alaska and Hawaii, are not on the mainland.

Alaska is situated in the north of Canada, while Hawaii are a lot of islands situated in the Pacific Ocean on the west.

The capital of USA is Washington DC, in the District of Columbia, an area set aside for the national capital.
Others major cities are New York, well-known also as the Big Apple, situated in the state of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco in the state of California, Chicago in the state of Illinois and Las Vegas in the state of Nevada, well-known for its casinos.

The flag is very known and it is also called ‘strips and stars'. In fact there are 50 stars which symbolise the 50 states and 13 stripes which symbolise the first 13 states that were colonised by English people.

This country is so big that it passes though 5 time zones: Eastern time, Central time, Mountain time, Pacific and Alaskan time.
This means that the difference between the time in Alaska and New York is 4 hours. Also, because of its vastness, the USA has a varied landscapes and climate: it goes from arid deserts in Nevada on the west, to deep green forests in Virginia on the east and to wide and grassy plains in the Prairies.