Note in inglese sul pensiero e sulle opere del poeta inglese dell'Ottocento (2 pagine formato doc)

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The licterary activity of Wordsworth is linked to his region form witch he draw ispiration.
His personal grand tour happened in France where he shared the ideal of the France revolution, he accepted the democratic idea to create a right social order but brutal, destructive developments of F. R. and the ware between France and England brought him to have a nervous breakdown. In this tragic moment, nature helped him, he felt protected and understood only among his lakes, where he spent the rest of his life. In this period he wrote the Lyrical Ballads with Coleridge; this lyrics begins with his Preface.

The first poem belong to Coleridge (Ancient Mariner); the last belongs to Wordsworth (Tintern Abbey).
These years were also characterized by other poems such as "The prelude" an autobiographical poem, "The journals" to give an insight in his experience of poet. We can't consider Wordsworth a typical poet of his century, in fact he developed the poetic diction; it was an artificial and elevated language, in his Preface he explains the subject matter (argomento) and the language of poetry. The arguments is: everyday life whose the protagonist are ordinary people above all humble or rural people.

The language must be artificial and elevated but also simple and know by everybody. He makes this choice because he thinks that simple life, rustic life is nearer linked to get the purest passion. W. Created the poetic diction: it is the romantic language used by the romantic poet, it was a language very elevated and artificial but inserted in argumenst, events, of everyday life, in fact the protagonist are ordinary people who live ordinary situation, in fact humble and rural people are described under many aspects of their life. This situation and characters needed a simple language too, in this way the poetic diction was a perfect example of balance, because it was perfect in style but also under stable by everybody.