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Jane Eyre is the main character of Charlotte Brönte’s masterpiece “Jane Eyre” written in 1847.
Its publication caused indignation among the conformists of that time because the novel reversed the 19th century woman’s condition.
The public preferred women to be presented with something of the unreality of romance while Jane Eyre was the archetype of the anti-heroine who broke with social conventions.
She possesses some features that make she unique: intelligence, rationality, great restlessness, great passion, thirst for freedom, lack of malice and falsehood.
She doesn’t fear comparison with men and women who belong to higher social classes; on the contrary she can excel thanks to her deep knowledge of the language and her vast culture.
Jane affects readers because she is independent, emancipated and she captures the reader’s attention with her strength and her ability not to give in to despair.

Jane Eyre: analisi del testo


The new quality is the voice of a woman who speaks with perfect frankness about herself.
While reading the novel everyone can notice Jane’s search for truth and justice and her power to oppose anything that is unfair and dishonest.
Jane expresses herself with great eloquence and sharp words whenever the situation demands it.
The strong personality of Jane comes from her traumatic experiences of the past: her dramatic childhood with her aunt Reed and her cousins and the austere life in Lowood’s institute.
This type of woman contrasts with the male characters who appears in the novel like Mr Rochester.
Their first meeting is very important: Mr Rochester fall off the horse, he needs help and Jane rescues him.

Jane Eyre di Bronte: riassunto e analisi dei personaggi


He is a man unable to deal his drama and so he tells Jane about his past life with mere allusions without explaining the nature of his guilt.

He is attracted by Jane’s frankness, which is a virtue that he doesn’t possess.

The path that Jane has to make to reach true love embodied by Edward Rochester is long, hard and full of obstacles; it begins with the wonder of love that blooms, then the torture of love betrayed and prohibited takes over but finally Jane experiences the delight of love found.
These are the phases of love that only some people can know.

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