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The Pre-romantic movement began in Europe during the second half of the 18th-century between the Enlightment and the proper Romanticism, that shares many characteristics with it.


The Pre-romantic writers fought against the neoclassical dogmas and prepare the coming of the Romantic Poets.
In this period the faith in reason, which characterized the first part of the century, started losing its value, replaced by the emphasis of feeling and emotion. The poet’s feelings, thoughts and personal experiences were reflected in his works.

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Particular attention was given to melancholy feelings that nature and reflection make them feel and to the ideas that life moves towards death, that happiness is unattainable, love is unstable.
Against the classical ideal of the beautiful, Pre-romantics used to look for the “sublime” an elevated feeling produce by what's terrible and infinitive that indicates strength, irregularity, fear. The pre-Romantic poets, particularly the Graveyard Poets, showed a lot of interest in suffering and death.


The Graveyard Poets were English poets of the 18th century characterized by their gloomy meditations on mortality, skulls and coffins, epitaphs and worms in the context of the graveyard.