The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

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“The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is the most relevant poem of Coleridge and it belongs to the collection of poems Lyrical Ballads, which is considered he beginning of the English Romantic Movement.

It is structured as a narrative poem which includes dialogue and it’s divided into seven parts, and there are mostly 4-line stanzas. Inside we can find the typical themes of a ballad such as death, punishment, guilt and repentance. Also there are supernatural and magical elements and the atmosphere is mostly dream-like. Coleridge uses archaic language because he wants to give the effect of the “rime” which is the ballad of ancient times. The poem has a moral at the end, reason why it is considered a romantic ballad.
The ancient Mariner is a man who had a terrible “journey” during which he interfered badly with nature and after he realised that he was guilty, he decided to tell everyone about the story and so to teach to the others that nature has to be treated very well.
The poem starts with an ancient Mariner who stops one of the wedding guests at a wedding party and holds him spellbound.
Here we can find the magic element: the mariner uses his “glittering eye” to hold the guest, and to make him listen to his story.
So he begins telling about how they left the harbour and began his journey on a ship together with his crew. Everything went well until they reached the Equator and a terrible storm began and they were driven toward the south pole. When they arrived south, the ship got stuck into the ice.