Daniel Defoe

Vita e opere dello scrittore britannico in lingua inglese: analisi di "Robinson Crusoe" e dello stile letterario adottato da Defoe (2 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di smashlevine
He had an eventful life, he was a dissenter, he belonged to an extreme set of the protestant church, and he was against the Church of England.
He couldn't go neither to Oxford or Cambridge.
His father want him to become a priest, he decided to be a merchant, but he had two bankrupts, and he had to solve his problems with illegal means, he was in need of money so he began writing.
He become a secret agent of the queen; he was also a journalist his journal was called "The review".

His masterpiece was "Robinson Crusoe"; another was "Moll Flanders": this is a story of a prostitute who at the end redeemed herself.
"Colonel Jack": is a story about a pickpocket who repents and redeem him and lives a respectable life.
"Roxana" she is a high woman society who exploits her beauty to obtain what she want, the subtitle is "The fortunate mistress"

He wrote true story all contain a moral teaching, they are preceded by a preface made by the author, the author in this preface stressed the authenticity of the story that is going to tell, he wanted to be realistic, he gives some detail to stress the authenticity of the story.
The story are presented in the form of a diary or of an autobiography, related in the first person singular in order to increase realism, the event are told in a chronological order and they develop around the protagonist. There is only one main character, a hero or a heroine, resolute in spirit, compelled the struggle against a lot of misfortunes and to rely on itself/herself.