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- Alaska is one of the fifty-one states of the United States.
- Alaska has the tallest mountain in the country, mt. Mckinley at 6,194 meters, it is the tallest mountain in north america. - Alaska has the fewest people per square kilometer, it has the most glaciers of any state. this is not surprising, because there are two glaciers each larger than state of Delaware. - Alaska has the longest costline, wich takes it longer than the coast-line of the “lower” 48 states combined. - Between 13,000 and 14,000 years ago there was a land connection between asia and north america. known as the bering land bridge, that allowed a gradual migration of people to the americas there is limited physical evidence of migration, because the land bridge is now submerged underwater.
The name “native alaskan” is used to collectively identify the indigenous people of alaska.Some groups had permanent villages those in the aleutian islands. - The eskimos and aleutians comprise the two largest groups of native alaskans...