Alexander Pope

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Was born in London.
Was the great rapresentative poet of the first half of the 18th century. Was essentially a public poet, writing on public themes. Pope believed in “INTELLECTUAL POETRY”; all of Pope important works was written in heroic couplets; he perfected this verse form and was the first important English non-dramatic poet. His best works are: • Pastorals : based on a classical models (where the ideal country sitting in made beautiful by the work of man) • An assay on criticism : where he summed up the principles which formed the basis of his writing • An assay on man : in which he tried to popularize the philosophical ideas then in fashion • The dunciad : on attack on other writers and poets • Moral assay : on various subjects The rape of the lock : a satire of Augustan society; is a poem on a true event which caused an estrangement.