Anorexia, bulimia and compulsive overeating: disturbi alimentari

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Anorexia,bulimia and compulsive overeating
Eating habits… a little introdution:
Eating habits are often influenced by social and cultural patterns; in the past they has been associated with well-being,but today they reflect the discomfort of food.
Some people(in particular young women,who combine personal and work life)suffer of depression,stress,feeling of loss of control,feelings of worthlessness,identity concerns,family communication problems or an inabilility to cope with emotions,and often they relief their diseases into food:it’s talking about eating disorders.
The main type of eating disorders are:anorexia,bulimia and compulsive overeating.

Vomiting: disturbi alimentari


Anorexia nervosa: This is a persistent lack of appetite that is usually felt by young women;that leads to an extreme body emaciation caused by aversion to eating:the illness starts with dieting to lose excess weight,but then the dieting turn into a refusal to take food,which become an enemy.
The main characteristic is the restriction of food and a refusal to maintain a minimal normal body weight associated with digestive disturbance and spontaneous vomiting;in some cases families are responsible for the illness and they don’t consider anorexia a serious problem.
Sometimes girls try to imitated supermodels.
The traitment is generally long and difficult,it must begin with restoring nutrition,unfortunally in some case the patient refuse treatment:anorexia can be fatal.

I disturbi alimentari: riassunto


Bulimia nervosa: This is a recent pathology that developed in ‘80s and it’s often a consequence of anorexia,it isn’t evident;it’s characterised by gorging food and then followed by forced vomiting,so as not to get fat,because food become a drug.
They are obsessed with fatness,but they’re unable to stop eating,so this situation creates states of anxiety and depression.
The bulimic can usually function quite normally and rarely required hospitality,it’s both a physical and phycolgical illness which generally affect older girls,who find them a way to escape to their problems,related to a difficult life at home.