Arthur Conan Doyle

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Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh in 1859.
He attended the Jesuit college after he studied medicine. He read a lot of Edgar Allan Poe ‘ s stories and start to write. In the 1886 he wrote a story with a detective was the protagonist ;the detective is Sherlock Holmes. Doyle showed interest in history in fact he wrote an historical novel of “Micah Clarke”. He died in 1930 Sherlock Holmes He was first saw in “a study in scarlet”. In the story there is an introduction of the detective:h e was calm, detached, he got up early, he played violin end smoked a pipe. In the story appears his friend Dr Watson who was a medical doctor.
Holmes and Watson shares the same house at baker street in london. Holmes to solve a case at first collects (takes) information, makes first hypothesis, than he investigates and in the end he sets up an experiment. The police is inefficient in contrast to him Holmes is a private detective and he is the stereotype of an English Victorian middle class; he is conformist in his habits and in his way of dressing.