differenza tra ballata moderna e medievale scritto in lingua inglese (the difference between the Medieval ballads and the contemporary ballads) (2 pagine formato doc)

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Class work Cordisco Fabiana 3B 20-12-2003 Class work Cordisco Fabiana 3B 20-12-2003 The difference between the Medieval ballades and the contemporary ballads.
When I speak about the medieval ballad, I think always about the ballades which I have read in my school-book ( Lord Randal, Robin Hood ). When I speak about the modern ballad I have in mind the ballads from Bob Dylan, the Beatles and the Italian author F. De andrè. I think they are the most important representatives and authors of the modern music. It is very important to make the difference between the word “song” and “ballad”. The ballad is in its origin a popular and poetic composition, it was spread in the French poetry from troubadours.
I want to talk only about the ballad. Its metrical structure include a refrain, and its metres were “ endecasillabo” and “settenario”. The author of the medieval ballad is more or less unknown, we don't know their date of origin, they were everybody's property and their text changed during the time. The author of the modern ballads is always know, we can date them, their texts never changed. The second difference which we can see between the ballads is their structure. The old one have a very simple structure: they are composed of short stanzas of two or four lines and they usually rhymed in some way. The modern ballads do not have any particular form, they are composed very freely and they are higlily individual work. They can have refrains ( repetition of words ) like the old ballads, but it is not always the case. The old ballads were written for the unschooled and illiterate people, the modern one are written for educated public, for the intellectuals , and this fact mades a great difference between them. The language of the old ballads is therefore very clear and simple, but the language of the modern ballads can be very complicated and not easy to remember and to understand. I can say that I prefer the medieval ballad, because they are very simple and clear in their language and meaning