Blake and Imagination

William Blake and his conception of imagination (2 pagine formato doc)

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For Blake, Imagination consists in a divine power, through which man stand in the name of God.
Songs of Innocence are an exaltation of the child not yet corrupted, in his freshness and purity.
For this reason the child is more suitable to penetrate into God’s brain.  Childhood is a state of mind, but no human being can remain innocent. The beautiful life in this state of mind can’t last, to reach a higher state: men must be tested by experience and suffering. 
The main theme is the Songs of Innocence is the presence of the living love also in trouble and sorrow. The poet’s feelings of pity and joy are expressed through the mouth of children. 
Innocence is considered as a condition of happiness and freedom and the poet identified this condition with the undefined spirit of a child.
Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience represent the contrasting poles of heaven and hell, love and hate.

“The Lamb” is a poem collects into the “Songs of Innocence.” Blake introduces new elements such as happy and calm, connected with the figure of the lamb. In this collection, he tried to represent all features connected with children, in the idea that children are uncontaminated, innocent and pure.