Business transaction

Appunti in inglese sulla transazione commerciale (2 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di pigiamino88
For a business transaction, the buyer and the seller must agree an a contract of sale.
The seller undertakes to supply a certain number of goods or services at on agreed quality and price and within a specified time limit. The buyer promiser to pay an agreed amount for the goods or services by a certain time. These are the basic factors or sales terms governing a contract of sale terms such as means of transport, means of payment, packing, insurance, delivery and documentation. The business transaction has various stages. It can be started either by the buyer or by the seller. If the transaction start with the buyer, the first document has the name of enquiry and following the seller replies to buyer with a reply to enquiry.
If the transaction starts from the seller, the document take the name of unsolicited offer and the buyer replies with a reply to offer. Every stage is chosen, the following stage is the same for all two: it is called orders. When the seller receives the letter, he writes the confirmation of order and dispatch of goods.