Circular letter

Testo e parti del layout di due lettere circolari in lingua inglese (2 pagine formato doc)

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Dear Sirs, Dear Sirs, (Introducing the offer) we are pleased to introduce you to one of the tours from your recent programme for the coming holiday season.
(Presenting the company) Our long-standing experience in the travel industry enables us to offer a perfect combination of value for price and high quality of service. (Explaining quality of service) Transport will be effected in modern, luxurious motor-coaches provided with all comforts and accommodation will be offered in first class hotels set in ideal positions and equipped with a wide range of facilities for a delightful and relaxing stay. (Describing the offer in short) With our itinerary “Edinburgh and the Highlands” we aim at attracting those who love history, art and folklore as well as unspoilt scenery.
In a 6 day tour you will explore some of the most beautiful Scottish castles and admire the charm and mystery of its countryside. (Explaining quality of staff) We have a dedicated and highly trained team of guides who will make your holiday more interesting and enjoyable. (Sending illustrate material) Please find enclosed our latest illustrated catalogue with detailed information about our packages. (Offering further help) Please write to us or call us if you require further information or if you have any special requirements. Yours faithfully Dear Sirs, (Introducing the offer) we wish to draw your attention to an offer from the programme we are launching for the next season. (Presenting the company) We have been organizing tour holidays in Europe for over 20 years and our long standing experience allows us to offer a unique combination of high-quality service and value for money. (Describing the offer in short) Our offer consists of a 4 day tour through Britain. It's a completely new holiday including visits to some remarkable historic and cultural sites. Tourists will have the opportunity to visit the world famous university of Cambridge, to admire Edinburgh the “Athens of the North” and to stop at the marvellous Wedgwood China Factory. The tour will be effected all the year round every Monday, departing on Royal Thistle Hotel. (Explaining quality of service) They will stay in first class hotels provided with all comforts and services. Tourists will travel in air condition touring coach. (Explaining quality of staff) Tourists will be accompanied by a professional tour manager, who is a member of a highly qualified and experienced staff committed to satisfying the most demanding customers. (Sending illustrated material) Enclose we are sending you our latest brochure containing details of our offer. (Offering further help) Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us. Yours faithfully TOUR OPERATOR