Appunti sulla vita di Congreve e breve analisi dei brani principali in lingua inglese (2 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di robbiese
Was born near leeds in 1670.he studied at dublin trinity college.
With the revolution of 1688 his family moved to london: here before he studied law then chanced to leterature. He died in london in 1729,he was buried in westminster abbey. He wrote: The old bachelor Love for love The way of the world (his masterprice) The way of the world (1700) Plot The young mirabell is in love with the beautiful millamant but his aunt didn’t want the marriage. Mirabell tried to convince her but failed in the beging but in the end she convieced her:in this way e saved her from the blachmail fainall. At that time we had only arranged marriages for political purposes,money,…..:it is against this ideas and backgroud the final marriage between the two lovers.
Themes Marriage The relation between passion,true love and social conventions Language Like all the others contemporany plays we have the use of descriptive surnames. Main feature This poem is a pleasure for its dialogues but also makes headache because the plot is very difficult to follow....