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Britain is the largest island in the british isles, it includes England, Scotland and Wales.
The united kingdom (UK) is the official political name of the state, which also includes Northen Ireland as well as England, Scotland and Wales. England is divided in 4 parts: East Anglia, the South of England, the Midlands and the North of England, its capital is London which is the centre of government, with the houses of parliament and buckingham palace(the home of the queen), and a business and financial centre, with the bank of england and the stock exchange. London is the major tourist destination in England with the british museum, shopping centres like Harrods, cinemas, theatres and historical buildings.
The flat region of East Anglia, north east of London, is important for agriculture (cereals and vegetables) and the economy has developed in recent years, especially in the field of computers and electronics; the main cities are Norwich and the university city of Cambridge, which are important for their historical buildings...