"Elohim creating Adam" di William Blake

Sintetico comemnto in inglese della "Creazione di Adamo" dell'artista inglese (1 pagine formato doc)

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comment of blake's PICTURE

"Elohim creating Adam" by William Blake is a colour print finished in pen and watercolour and it represents Elohim, the name used in the Bible for God, while is creating Adam, the first human being.
Elohim is a supernatural being with wings, white hair and beard. He is stretching over Adam. It is bigger and stronger than him and very powerful. Adam, instead, seems a very weak and suffering creature. He is stretched on the ground. In the picture there is also a great worm that entwines Adam and symbolises the world of pain and sorrow the creature is about to enter, the devil's temptations and also the fact that the human being is linked to sin and corruption.

The colours are cold, dull, dismal and gloomy, the atmosphere is very sad and we feel sorrow and pain.
The shapes of the protagonists are distinct and sharp. All these things suggest the tension of the creation and also the energy of God. For Blake the creation is a suffering moment for the creature, a moment of tension, because the author has a pessimistic view of life, as we can see in this poems "The Lamb" and "The Tyger". In the first poem, the Lamb represents the object of creation; he is mild, innocent and happy and lives in a beautiful word created by a generous and benevolent Father. In this picture Adam is an innocent but also a weak creature destined to sin.

In "The Tyger", God has "immortal hand of eye", because he has the power of immortality and with his hand and his eye he models the tiger. In this picture, in the same way, Elohim, which is God, shapes Adam, his creature. In Blake's poem God "seize the fire" to create his terrifying animal as in the picture he creates Adam, which is, instead, a weak and suffering creature. In "the Tyger" God "frames the tiger's fearful symmetry", because this animal is at the same time harmonious and frightening, while in "Elohim creating Adam" the Creator is more powerful and bigger than the creature, that seems to appear little by little from his hand with fear and suffering.