English literature: the 18th century

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Historical Context
In the 18th century the Hanoverians came to the British throne.
They named Whig ministers and for many years the Whigs were in power. In 1707 with the Act of Union, England and Scotland were united and Scotland lost its Parliament, but they had their Church and their educational and legal systems. In 1869 with the Bill of Rights, Parliament controlled the king and the Prime minister encouraged trade and industry, and abolished export duties. With the treaty of Utrecht (1713), Britain obtained Gibraltar, Minorca and was one of the leaders of the slave trade in Africa. The American Colonists protested against Britain government because they didn’t want to pay taxation duties to support the war against France.
The colonists wanted to be free from Britain from a political and economic point of view. British duties on goods imported into America were abrogated, except that on tea; in response, a cargo of British tea was thrown into the sea at Boston harbour in 1773. After the battle of Lexington between the colonists and the British, the Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson and in 1783 Britain recognized the 13 colonies as an independent nation, called the Unites States of America.
Literary Context
In the 18th century literature was characterized by classicism, reason and sensibility. Classicism refers to the Augustan Age and the ideals of order, balance and restraint; emphasis was put on perfection on form, decorum clarity of language; reason was considered the supreme element over imagination.