From the Napoleonic wars to the Regency

Note sintetiche sui principali eventi storici del secolo XIX in lingua inglese (3 pagine formato doc)

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From the Napoleonic wars to the regency

Even if the French revolution is a French project it involved all Europe.
Some people among intellectual accepted these new political ideas while some people continued to have a conservative ideas. In England the French revolution produced the "Jacobinism" among the ruling classes; they sympathized with the French revolution. Above all the first generation of romantic intellectual accepted and shared the ideas of the French revolution, but they and the second generation were disillusioned by them.

Thanks to nelson and Wellesley great Britain won France, but main problems were acquired: 1 to attach and fight against France, England spend a lot of money, so it had many economic problem; 2 the birth of machinery it means: better condition of work, but the consequence was the luddism (it was a movement that wanted the breaking of machinery because it represented a stopping for the workman); 3 these political and economical and social instability produced a period of starvation. There were many cases of bankruptcy and a period of revolt.
To solve this problems Pitt and Liverpool closed the "corresponding society" ( it was the modern trade unions).

The trade unions are an organization that want to protect and defend ordinary people's interests. Then every form of public and free meeting was prohibited and in Manchester the Peterloo massacre brought to death of some people who were reunited in a public and free meeting. The parliament added the "six act": it was a laws against public assembly and freedom of expression.