Funeral Blues

Analisi in inglese del testo di Funeral Blues, di Auden (2 pagine formato doc)

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Comprehension This poem is an appeal of a person who lost his love, because of the death of his friend.
The title of the poem is “Funeral Blues”. The author uses this two words to create immediately an effect of sadness and melancholy. The blues, in fact, is a sad type of music and emphasizes the idea of melancholy, already implied in the word “funeral”. The poem is divided into four stanzas. 1st stanza: In the first two stanzas the author uses imperative form for a series of requests. In the first stanza he demands silence (“Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone” line 1; “ Prevent he dog” l.2; “Silence the pianos” l.3) because the coffin must be brought out (l.4). 2nd stanza: In the second stanza, the poet requires that the message “He is dead” must be written on the sky (from line 5 to line 6) and that people and animals must wear a sign of mourning (from line 7 to line 8) to honour and remember the dead.
3rd stanza: In the third stanza we can see the close relationship between the poet and the dead: the dead person was a referring point in the life of the poet (from line 9 to line 11).