Riassunto su Shaw e Wilde

riassunto in lingua inglese sulle differenze e analogie tra Oscar Wide e George Bernard Shaw (2 pagine formato doc)

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Riassunto su Shaw e Wilde - George Bernard Shaw was an Irish well-established playwright and essayist, a lover of paradox, who was able to express his vision of the world in vibrant works such as Man and Superman (1903) and Pygmalion (1913), his most famous work.

Even if he didn't have a great success as a novelist he holds a prominent figure in the theater and was social involved through journalism and public speaking. His admiration for the Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen was an important input which enable Shaw to make theater a vehicle for reporting crucial issues (capitalism, socialism, sexism,…) and to attack social evils of his lifetime.

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Shaw invented "the drama of discussion or ideas", where he combined contemporary moral problems with comic, ironic tones and paradoxes. His originality lies in infusing sparkling dialogues with the spirit of the English comedy.
His characters are identified with particular ideas or social institutions and are involved in fierce debates that lead the viewer to reflect on what is happening and to heighten awareness of some important social problem.

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Shaw's plays, like those of Oscar Wilde, contained incisive humor, which was exceptional among playwrights of the Victorian era. However, Shaw's wittiness should not     leave behind his important role in revolutionizing British drama. In the Victorian Era, the London stage had been regarded as a place for frothy, sentimental entertainment: Shaw made it a forum for considering moral, political and economic issues. Maybe it was his most lasting and important contribution to dramatic art.