Henry VII

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Henry VII Henry VII During the reign of Henry VII monarchy bacame really important.
Home politic: England became a modern state, with a new modern mentality. Henry VII avoided war, because it was too expensive. For this he became popular among the town middle classes and the country gentry (little owner). In fact he chose his ministers and servants among these classes. During his reign he summoned the parliament just six times, to pass laws against the nobility. Henry VII foreign politic aimed at making England trading position stronger. Were made trade agreements with: Flanders Denmark Scotland Spain With Scotland and Spain an understanding was achieved by dynastic marriages. He founded English naval power, spending money on the building of ships.
So England could have its own merchant fleet. This increased its military strength. When he died, in 1509, the Tudor monarchy was popular and England held an important role in the world power. Henry VIII, the son of Henry VII, succeded him.