Iberici,Celti,Romani e Anglo-Sassoni

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The Iberians arrived in the British Isles about 300.000 years ago during the Palaeolithic Age or Old Stone Age.
This period is known as prehistory. The Iberians had dark-haired and they weren’t toll. In the Stone Age they practiced hunting. In the Bronze Age learned agriculture,designed temples,began exploiting the surface mines for gold and tin. They built trade ports and set up trade routers.
After the Celts,tribe originally from Central Europe,arrived in Britain after 700 B.C. In the 7th century B.C,Goidels settled in the nord of Britain,while in the 4th century B.C,Brythns settled in the south-west of Britain. The Celts had fair-haired and blue eyes.
They were toller than Iberians. They were expert metal workers and made iron tools,helmets and armour. With bronze and gold they created mirrors,coins,ornaments and beautiful jewellery. Today their language remains in welsh  in wales and gaelic in Scotland. The  Druids were the priests of the Celts. They were important not only in religion but also justice,education and medicine. The Celts worshipped the natural elements such as the Sun,the Moon,the trees and the river, since water was regarded as the only element which generates life. They believed in immortality and in transmigration of the soul from one person to another. It was thought that life after death was still spent on the earth,in caves,hills and lakes.  The Celts offered precious objects and sacrificed human and animal.
In 55 B.C Julius Caesar arrived in Britain to punish them for had helped Goidels in the war against Roman.