James Joyce, Ulisse: analisi

Analisi e descrizione dei personaggi di Ulisse di James Joyce (2 pagine formato doc)

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James Joyce (1882-1941).

Like other European writers of the time he was interested in all aspects of modern culture, including Freudian psychoanalysis and the experimentation that was affecting all field of art. Infect the second period of Joyce ‘s writing sees the transition from traditional approach to the stage of experimentation ,as a result of this experimentation he created “Ulysses” regarded a Joyce’s masterpiece was published in 1922. Ulysses is an immense, complex work but original for its theme and its modes of expression, it deal with a single day, June 16,1904 in the life of three dubliners, two men and one women, and it is divided into three part.

Ulisse di Joyce: riassunto


-The central character in the first part is Stephen Dedalus .S is a young man with intellectual ambition, the enemy of his own country and a martyr.
- His Christian name Stephen is that of the first Christian martyr.

His surname, Dedalus, is that of the legendary Greek artificer: Stephen desires to convert the philistine Irish to the cult of beauty inherited from the Greek. He represents Ulysses son, Telemachus.
-The second part of Ulysses is dominated by the figure of Leopold Bloom, the Ulysses of the title. A middle ages Jewish man, who wanders around Dublin as Ulysses wandered around the Mediterranean, encountering adventures, which parallel those of the Homeric hero.
-His wife Molly Bloom, who corresponds to Ulysses’ wife Penelope, dominates the third part.
The novel begins with S evicted and forced to wander the streets in search of father and home. In his wandering he meets Bloom who adopts him and give him a shelter, at home is Molly like Penelope in Ithaca. The book concludes with her ruminations (Molly’s monologue).


Ulisse di James Joyce. Parallel with Homeric Odyssey
-There are 18 books in all, each one corresponding to one of the episodes in the Odyssey
-In the O Telemachus forced to share his home it his mother’s suitors, who maltreat him. Discontented he seeks for news of his father. In U Stephen is showing living in a tower on the Irish coasts with companions who mock him and evict from his home
-In the O Nestor is wise king who gives T many good advices; in U the counterpart of Nestor is Mr. Deasy, the teacher of T
-The Homeric story of Ulysses’ sailors turned into swine (porci); Joyce’s parallel is visit to a brothel (bordello) by S and together
-The last chapter called Penelope representing the goal (meta) of the wandering of Bloom and Stephen. Safe at home, Bloom is in bed asleep