James Joyce and George Orwell

Appunti di inglese su due autori facenti parte della Modern Age, ossia James Joyce con "Eveline" & "the Death" da "Dubliners" e George Orwell con "1984" e "The Animal Farm" (9 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di gaiafratto
James Joyce
James Joyce was born in Dublin in 1882.
After his marriage with Nora Barnacle, they moved to Italy, in Trieste, where Joyce met Svevo and influenced him.  
In 1915 he moved to Zurich since his position as a British national in Austrian-occupied Trieste left him no choice. In 1922 he published “Ulysses”. The outcry following its publication and the consequent process to determine whether or not it was pornographic, brought him an unwelcome notoriety. 

But un enlightened judge upheld the artistic integrity of the work, and Ulysses was finally published in the USA in 1934 and in Britain in 1936. Hitler’s advances in Europe made Joyce move from France to the neutral Switzerland, where he died in 1941.

In his masterpiece, the “Dubliners” he wanted to portrait the life of ordinary people: by doing  this, he succeeded in representing the whole of man’s mental, emotional, biological reality.
He challenged Catholicism and this revolt of the artistic-heretic against the official doctrine kind of represented the rebellion of a son against two parents who didn’t recognize his artistic potential.