Jane Austen and Dickens

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She is the most important writer of Romanticism, and her writing became very important. The Romantic innovation had been brought ten years before by Wordsworth when he had published Lyrical Ballads. The King George 4th wanted to congratulate with her for her working. She lived in Bath, a Spa town that had been founded by Romans. All the Spa towns were revaluated by the aristocracy in the 19th century, when people went there to spend their holiday season. She used to describe the environment where she lived, that is to say the upper middle class. She introduced the love novels, her novels are also considered as a fresco of living in her society.
She considered only one or two social classes, not all of them; she spoke only about her personal experience. Her world was set a part from changing, it was a close one. The division between classes was rigid and none can mix with another one. She moved many times, because of her father job, but she always lived in the South. She had a big house in Chatom, but in 1814 she began to fail and she went to live in Winchester to be closer to her sister and to the doctor. She analyzed the characters of her romances, the 1st writer that made it had been Richardson that made a psychologically analysis of his characters. In order to make it he published a post day novel that was didactic. The frescos that Jane Austen made give us the opportunity to understand the values, the advantages and the problems of the high class. CHARACTERS OF JANE AUSTEN Her characters belonged to the upper middle class, she analyzed them philologically. All of them had to respect a behavior code (Elisabeth was in love with Bingley but she was worried about his financial condition and also about her situation that wasn't a traditional one). Emma can be compared to Elisabeth Bennet, she is match maker, so she arranged marriage for other people, she takes care to the others feeling but not to hers. She helped an orphan girl as in Pride and Prejudice Lady De Bourgh helped Catherine. Both Emma and Lady Catherine hoped for a good marriage for the women who they helped, so Lady Catherine helped Collins and Emma helped her friend even if she taught it wasn't the right man. In Pride and Prejudice Mr. Collins who had been rejected by Elisabeth, made a proposal to Charlotte who was happy because she didn't think that love was the most important thing in a relationship, and she taught that marry Mr. Collins was the right thing to do because, even if he wasn't handsome and he could also be boring, he would be the heir of her father's propriety. Both Emma and Elisabeth didn't believe in love, they taught it was a too habit thing, but at the end of Pride and Prejudice Elisabeth got married with Mr. Darcy STYLE OF JANE AUSTEN It is balanced even if she wanted to show that something was changing DIVISION OF THE SOCIETY. The 1st class was formed by noble (middle class) and aristocratic people that had a good position and lived i