John Donne: vita e poesie

breve commento in inglese delle poesie "A Valediction: Forbitting Mourning", "The Funeral" e "Lecture upon the Shadows" (1 pagine formato doc)

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John Donne was born in 1572 and he lived in an age of transition, in fact new science and religion destroyed
Medioeval’s unit of thoughts.
He was at the same time a courtier of Queen Elisabeth and preacher.
He was a member of Metaphysical school, which most important points were the wit (the intellect), the conceit, which was the hallmark of metaphysical poetry.
In fact used language of philosophical speculation in love poetry, where it sounded inappropriate; he displayed his wit by conceits, comparisons between objects that seem to have nothing in common.
So his poetry is witty, because he used a lot of similes and metaphors and also images derived from law, theology, philosophy, science… it’s original respect courtly poetry.

Death be not proud di John Donne: analisi del testo in inglese


A valediction: forbidding morning tell about the separation of the poet and his woman; the language and concepts are quite difficult because they are presented them with similes and analogy not very explicited.
He tell that parting not entail a real separation for true lovers, because they are spiritually united, like a compass and this spiritual link guarantees final reunion.
Therefore, Donne’s poetry in also argumentative because he tries to persuade his woman that separation should not be a problem for true lovers.
In “A lecture upon the shadow“ John Donne represents life like a walk and he build an analogy between the shadows, that its and his woman’s bodies do, and the growth of their love.

He used concepts from philosophy (neoplatonism), science, love…
At the beginning of their love, the shadows are in the front of them so their love is sincere.
Instead at midday, it is in the highest point but when the shadows are made in the other way, their love is going to die.

John Donne: riassunto della vita e opere


Also in “The funeral” the poet used concepts from philosophy science, religion and love, It’s a love poet very original in fact the poet dead is speaking to his women.
I don’t know if this woman return the poet’s love or not but she wad given him a bracelet of hair which is considered like a reliquaries from the poet.
Sometimes Donne speaks to the gravedigger, which shroud the poet’s body.

John Donne: vita e analisi sonetti