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La poetica di John Keats: la sostanza della poesia, il concetto di immaginazione, di bellezza e della capacità negativa (1 pagine formato doc)

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John KeatsJohn Keats is perhaps the greatest member of that group of the second generation of Romantic poets; he was able to fuse the romantic passion and the cold Neo-classicism.

Substance: unlike some of the romantic poets, he devoted only small part of his energies  to the chief form of subjective writing.

Certainly there is some deeply felt personal experience behind the odes of 1819; but the significant fact is that this experience is “behind” the odes, no their substance.
Keats did not theorise about poetry but his concern for technique is evident in his poetry.

La bellezza per Keats: riassunto


The imagination: of which keat’s poems are truly the fruit takes two main forms. Firstly, the world of his poetry is predominantly artificial, one that he imagines rather than reflects from direct experience. Secondly, keats’s poetry stems from imagination in the sense that a great deal of his work is a vision of what he would like human life to be like.


Beauty: his disinterested love for beauty differentiates him from the other romantic writers. The contemplation of beauty is the central theme of keats’s poetry. It is ,mainly the classical greek world that inspires keats. To him the expression of beauty is the ideal of all art. Physical and spiritual beauty : his first apprehension of beauty proceeds from the senses, from the concrete  physical sensations. The “pb” is caught in all the forms nature aquires. Beauty can also produce a much deeper experience of joy, a sort of “sb”. Thus through poetry keats is also able to reach something that he believe to be permanent and unchanging in a world characterised by morality and sorrow.

Negative capability : the poet, in keats’s view, is endowed with what he called “n c”. Negativity refers the capability the poet has to deny his certainties and personality in order to identify himself with the object which is the source of his inspiration and the place where Truth resides.keats identifies beauty and truth as the only type of knowledge, as he affirms in the 2 last lines of ode on a Grecian urn.this concept of beauty paves the way for aestheticism, but it still a romantic feature because of its moral aim. 

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