Opere di John Milton in inglese

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Opere di John Milton in inglese: Paradise lost, Sonnet XVII (sulla cecità di Milton) e approfondimenti su William Congreve, la restaurazione del teatro inglese e sull'ascesa del giornalismo (2 pagine formato doc)


John Milton: Paradise Lost.

John Milton: Paradise Lost Satan is speaking in this sort of soliloquy. Satan who was called Lucifer, repeals after the fall from heaven. He and the other fallen angles ribald against God and God, who is Sovran and who can command everything, has chosen to punished them. After the fall Satan, who's name means enemy (of God) has recovering his energy and he is speaking.
He greeting the new place, but he is shocked in seen the darkness of hell, the place where he is be thrown by God. This place is terrible but here Satan and the other fallen angels are the better. Infact in heaven they are equal to God in reason but God is superior to all the angels for strength, but Satan sees God as a titan, full of energy and strength. Satan tries to react the situation: he greets hell, the place is describe in more details. Is full of darkness, it don't have light; here there are some antithesis/contrast between god and angels, heaven and hell, light and darkness.

Paradise lost di Milton: riassunto e analisi


The hell is the place farthest and profoundest. Satan asks hell to receive his new guest (Satan and the other fallen angels), which are person who has a beautiful mind (the same of God). Their mind cannot be change by the place or by the time where there are, so Satan can change heaven into hell and hell into heaven. The hell is a place so ugly and terrible that nobody wants stay here and God cannot sent away them from here and so in hell they can reign. Satan say that is better reign in hell that be servant in heaven; he tell to the other fallen angels to collect all their energy and look for the other fallen angels and share with them whatever there is in this place. Satan try to recompose them into an army, into a new society to see what they can do in hell. Satan is not discourages but he shows a lot of courageous and recover all his energy. He wants to recreate a society in hell. Satan has the typical features of an epic hero: has noble origin (is an angel); has great courage; great energy and reason; he does not give up and fight till the end; he also has a great passion, he is a lover of freedom and he reflects Milton himself because Milton love to be free too.


After Satan soliloquy another fallen angels called Beelzebub answers to Satan. He calls summon the other fallen angels who are frightened in hell. Satan's firm voice is as a sign in battle for the other fallen angels; with Satan's voice they will soon resume their courage and revive (came back to life) because now they are shocked, terrified and prostrated in hell, which is represented as a big lake of fire, because of the terrible fall (of 9 days and 9 nights). John Milton: Sonnet XVII: On his blindness Milton wrote twenty-three sonnets, five of which are in Italian. The date of composition of Sonnet XVII, is uncertain; it was probably written much earlier than its date of publication (1673). The sonnet has a classical language, elevated style, full of rhetorical expression and Enjambement. English Sonnet cou