Joyce e Woolf a confronto

Riassunto della vita, opere e stile di Joyce e Woolf (5 pagine formato pdf)

Appunto di dhopietro


Modernist novel. The 1879 is conventionally capped as the starting point of a new age, which questioned the Victorian Values and put the bases for the modern novel. Characteristics of intellectual changes. Freud, a philosopher who invented the psychoanalysis.

The subject studies the unconscious. Freud gave importance to childhood, to dreams, he said that sexuality has a strong affect on personality. This theory was in contrast with the Victorian Values.
Bergson, a French philosopher, talked about time. Victorian conception of time was a chronological sequence of moments ordered according to past, present and future.
Bergson disagreed and he elaborated a new theory of time.

Joyce e Svevo: riassunto


Time for him is a flux and so it is a mix of past, present and future. Our mind doesn’t follow the chronological sequence, but a mixture of events.
Darwin questioned the religious vision of creation. He went against the creationism of the Victorian. God created everything for the Victorians, but he opposed the theory of the Evolutionism, human is a product of a evolutionary process. Frazer, an anthropologist. He questioned the superiority of Western Culture over the Eastern. Relativism, new way to study the reality, with Einstein, the relativistic theory. It is in contrast with the objectivity and rational vision of reality. Relativism means a more objective relation with reality. 
Suffragettes, more political question. Now the feminism movement wanted the same right of suffrage, like the male suffrage during the Victorian Age. First expression of a woman movement. 

Modernismo e Joyce: riassunto


James Joyce. Biography - He is irish, he has a good education, he went to university. He abandoned Ireland on a sort of a voluntary exile, because he felt a sense of paralysis. He understood that the irish wouldn’t want to renew their self. They was very conservative and he didn’t want to follow a traditional literature
context. He went to Paris which was a very modern cultural city and he also lived in Trieste. He met Italo Svevo, an other person who like Joyce in trouble with his culture, Ettore Schmitz, double culture, middle Europe culture and also italian culture.

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