Marketing and advertising

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Marketing is a method to identify, anticipating and satisfy the costumers’ needs.
To survive in a competitive business world, companies need to be able to identify the costumers’ needs and to provide the goods and services to satisfy these needs. Market Research The market research is the process to obtain and analyse information about the market and this information can be used to help the company aim its products at a specific target or sector of market. The market research analyses: - geographical location of the potential market and its size - market trends - local regulations and legislations - competitors’ activity, strategy and performance - costumer’s profile - costumer’s needs Information can be collected from: - official statistic - market research organisation - interviews and questionnaires The Marketing Mix The Marketing Mix is the combination of the different element of a company’s marketing plan and included Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Product Development All details about the nature of the product: type, size, quality, name, design..