Christopher Marlowe e Doctor Faustus: riassunto

Breve riassunto in inglese della vita di Christofer Marlowe e trama della sua opera "Doctor Faustus" (1 pagine formato doc)

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Christopher Marlowe.

He was the first great poetic voice of Elizabethan age and he was the first who composed in blank verse. He was born in the same year of Shakespeare, 1564. He studied at Cambridge. During his study he was probably recluted to work as a spy for the protection of the queen. He was stubbed in a brawl at a London tavern and was killed. It doesn’t know if this was an accident or a murder linked to his work in espionage. In fact his quarrelsome character is a state of fact.
His rebellious personality comes out in his works that are all of polemical nature: rebellion against the Church, the limitation of knowledge, contemporary moralism.

Christopher Marlowe: vita, opere e Doctor Faustus


Marlowe. Doctor Faustus, the plot. Dr. Faustus, student of Wittenberg, has shut himself up in his study to decide his future. He knows all there is to know about law, medicine, theology, but he is still not satisfied. He knows that necromancy involves the forbidden pact with demons. He called two magicians to instruct him in this art and he invokes the spirit of Mephistopheles. He promises to give his mortal soul to the devil in exchange for 24 years to knowledge. While he is waiting for a Lucifer’s reply he starts to have second thoughts. An Good angel tell him it is never too late. Lucifer agrees to take is soul, but Faustus must sing a contract with his blood. Mephistopheles provides a show to distract him and Faustus sings the contract. Faustus falls in a state of bitterness and contemplates suicide. He pray God but only Lucifer appears him. Then Faustus decide to enjoy the time he has left. Faustus desires come true. After various adventures, Faustus return home to meet his fate. He tries to stop the clock in a desperate attempt to save his life, but midnight arrive and Lucifer leads him away to hell.