Martin Luther King jr.

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1929 He was born on 15th January in Atlanta, Georgia.
He was the son of Mr L.King Sr. , a baptist church pastor.

1950,1960 racial discrimination and segregation were widespread at every level of the society among people of colour, such as blacks, Hispanics and Asians. There were lots of protesters on the streets often meeting violent opposition.

1955-56 King Jr. met the success which brought him into the spotlight in Alabama; this campaign was characterized by non-violence slogans based on love. At the same time, the Deep South was pretty segregated. Blacks were treated as second-class citizens: they were prevented from voting, they live in separate neighbourhoods and attend different schools.

1963  King Jr spoke out his famous speech “I have a dream…” before a huge crowd on 28th August in Washington DC.

1964 _The Usa introduced a civil rights act, prohibiting sexual and racial discrimination, also ending segregation in schools, public places and in the workplace.

_In October King Jr. became the youngest person ever to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, thanks to his efforts in order to achieve the racial integration in the USA.