Old English History

Sunto chiaro dell'antica storia inglese, dai celti fino al medioevo, per un'infarinatura generale (2 pagine formato doc)

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The Celts

The first inhabitants of England were the Iberians, a dark-haired-population that lived there until Celts began to arrive to England's coasts to colonize the territory.They came from Germany around 700 BC.

Celts people were fair-or-red-haired, they practised agriculture, fishing, hunting and they were organised in tribes. Druid was an important figure for Celts: he was charged to administer religion ,childhood education but above all justice. Celts worked iron and worshipped natural elements such as the sun, the moon and everything could be a symbole of something supernatural, a divinity to adore, such as the water, the holy element which allows life and gives the door to the world after death.

The Romans

England's complete roman conquest happened under Claudius' Empire. The inhabitants felt the effects of Roman culture and language.
There were built loats of towns connected by roads and some of them still exist nowadays. The roman occupancy continued until romanised celts were left alone by romans to fight against germanic population wanted to invade the island. They were the saxons, the jutes and the angles that gave england part of his actual name; in fact, england stands for "land of the angles". In these times is born the legend of king arthur, a great and noble knight who fought against saxons. Nobody knows if he's really existed but the fascination of his legend still remains.

The anglo-saxons

Most of them were farmers and fishermen so they colonised the island to find richer lands or just a stormy ocean where they could hunt seals and whales. They had a precise organisation: in fact, in their groups, called clans, was very important loyalty to the other members but especially to the chief. They exalted physical courage and freedom but they also had a great sense beauty (their ornaments were refined). Feasting and drinking was always enjoying for them.

The christianisation of britain

When Anglo-saxons advanced in the land, christianty, which belonged to the older roman preemptions, retreated into westerns parts of the country. It survived in Wales, part of Scotland and everywhere in Ireland. Augustine , a christian monk, was sent to canterbury to bring christianity back all over the land. There he became first archbishop and because of him, lots of monasteries were built.