Oscar wilde and The picture of Dorian Gray

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Vita, pensiero e analisi dell'opera "Il ritratto di Dorian Gray" in lingua inglese (2 pagine formato txt)

Life and main works:Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin in 1854.After attending Trinity College he was sent to Oxford where he distinguished himself for his eccentricity.
Then he left Oxford and settled in London where he soon become a fashionable both for his extraordinary wit and his foppish way of dressing. In 1881 Wilde edited "Poems",and was engaged for a tour in the United States where he gave some lectures on the Pre-Raphaelities and the Aesthetes. The tour was a remrkable personal success for Wilde,who made himself known for his irony,his attitudes and his poses. On his return in Europe in 1883,he married Constance Lloyd who bore him two children,but he soon become tired of his marriage.
At this point of his career he was most noted as a greater talker:his presence became a social event and his remarks appeared in the most fashionable London magazines. In the late 1880s Wilde's lterary talent was revealed by a series of short stories:"The Canterville Ghost,Lord Arthur Savile's Crime", "The Happy Prince and Other Tales"written for his children and the novel "The picture of Dorian Gray"(1891)...