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The British traditionally consisted of the monarch, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The name PARLIAMENT comes from the French verb to talk- parler. The british have used this name since the 13th century. It rapresents the idea that the monarch should talk with and listen to ordinary people. The King invited both nobles and chorch leaders (lords temporal and spiritual) and knights and people from the towns ( the commons) to attend his parliament. Groups within Parliament made suggestion for laws called “bills” and held vote on them.
With time, the power of the monarch decreased and Parliament became more and more powerful. Today, a Parliament lasts for a maximun of five years.


The House of commons is the more powerful of the two, and, in fact, the House of Lords is in the process of being gradually phased out. Lors Until recently, members of nobility in the House of Lords passed their membership from father to son ,when a man died, his eldest son took his place in the House. In 1770, Scottish nobles could elect some of their members to sit in the House, and the same thing happened with Irish nobles in 1800. The religious menbers of the House, bishops and head of monasteries, were chosen to be members for life and their membrership was not passed on. By the beginning of the 20th century, the monarchy and the House of Loards began to get weaker, and in 1999, the House of Lords Act changed the paliamentary system so that most nobles lost the right to sit and vote in the House. Paliament allowed 92 menbers to remain until the reform of the House of Lords in finalised. Commons Only the House of commons can introduce taxes, or decide how much money governement departments will receive. Members of the House of Commons decider on new laws for the United Kingdom. It can take a long time to pass a new law. The Members read each “bill” three time.

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The first time is for the Members to hear about it. The second time, they talk about it and discuss its advantages and disadvantages. Then, they ask a special commitee to study the proposal. The commitee returns it to the House with its recommendations. Then the Members of the House of Commons vote. If the bill has a majority of supporters, it becomes law. The United Kingdom has 650 areas which each elect one Members to represent them in the House of Commons. Members of Commons must be at least 21 years old. La regina Monachs have ruled britain almost continuously since 802. Today the British monarch has little power and Parliament rules the country. Besides the title King or Queen, the British monarch also has title of Head of the Church of England. The monarch must be a Protestant, ans cannot marry a divorced person. The British monarchs do not use their family names. When a king or queen signs his or her name, the signature is simply the first name and then the letter R. This is the first letter of the latin words for king (rex) queen (regina).

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