Phrasal verbs più importanti

I phrasal verbs più utilizzati nella lingua inglese (5 pagine formato pdf)

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Phrasal Verbs
Be fed up with = To be bored/frustrated with something/someone

I’m so fed up with this weather – it hasn’t stopped raining for days!
Be in = To be at home/in the building
e.g. ‘Hello, can I speak to James please?’
‘I’m sorry, he’s not in right now, you can come back later, can't you?’
Be over = To be finished
e.g. The film’s over, let's go to sleep
Be up = To be out of bed
e.g. I’m going to make some eggs for breakfast, is Chris up yet?
Blow up = To explode
They blew the bridges up so the enemy couldn’t cross the river
Break down = To cease to work properly
e.g. My car broke down and I had to repair it
Break into = To enter by force
e.g. The burglar broke into the house through the window and stole all the jewellery

Verbi frasali inglesi: tabella

Break out = To begin
e.g. All the men were watching the match and after their team lost, a fight broke out in the
Break up (with) = To terminate (often a relationship)
e.g. James and Juliette had been going out for 5 years when he broke up with her
Bring up =
1. To educate
e.g. She brought her children up as Catholics but they converted to Judaism later in life
2. To mention
e.g. At the meeting a lot of people brought up the question of the unemployment in Italy
Call off = To cancel
e.g. The pool party has been called off due to the heavy rain
Care about = To be interested in
e.g. I don’t care about money but health is important

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