La poetica di Shelly

Analisi in lingua inglese della poetica di P. B. Shelley, con informazioni sull'autore, lo stile ed i temi (2 pagine formato doc)

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B. Shelley


1792 was born in Sussex of a family belonging to the rural gentry

1805 went to study at Eton

1811 expelled from Oxford University for having written The Necessity Of Atheism, married Harriet Westbrook

1813 published Queen Mab, parted with his wife and left England with Mary Godwin, the daughter of the philosopher William Godwin and the future author of Frankenstein

1816 wrote Alastor, spent some time in Switzerland with Byron and Mary, suicide of Harriet, married Mary Godwin

1817 wrote The Revolt of Islam, a revolutionary poem

1818 definitely left England and resided inVenice, Rome, Pisa wrote The Cencli, a tragedy set in Renaissance Rome

1819 wrote Ode to the West Wind, The Cloud

1820 published Prometheus Unbound, Tbe Sensitive Plant

1821 Epipsychidion, a poem dedicated to Emilia Viviani, Adonais, an elegy written on the death of Keats, A Defence of Poetry

1822 published Hellas, in July he died in the gulf of La Spezia during a storm..