Preludes di Eliot: analisi e traduzione

Analisi in inglese e traduzione in italiano della poesia di Eliot, Preludes (3 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di razzapazza


Preludes Analysis - A prelude is a musical composition that introduce a musical performance.

It was written from 1910 to 1911 and it is his first work and anticipated his play.
It is a sketch on industrial society and modern Times. Loose imagination without message.
The sensation are loneness, shabbiness, sadness, discomfort, lifeless.
I part
Eliot describes throw short sketch the winter evening in the industrial town. The poet arises in us particular negative (depressive) emotions: they are associated with the smell of steaks and passageways (unpoetically words) as cigarette butts.
Sensation of dirty, unhealthy and sadness.
During raining, around him, empty house  Homelessness and solitude.
Broken blind Sense of decline, ugliness and desolation.    
The human landscape it's described throw imagines that gave us a sense of rejection. Winter in an industrial town.
-    “The burnt-out ends of smoky days”  The day ends, no life or dynamism. Flat as the human being.
-    “The grimy scraps / Of withered leaves”  Dead leaves as spiritual death.

Eliot: riassunto della vita e delle opere


II part It's about early morning before we go to work with a stagnant smell of bier,
Wake up, a persistent smell of bier and streets full of mugged and sawdust. One hundreds ago sawdust were spread to avoid the carriages were sinking in the mud.    
It gave an idea of rootless: to such people breakfast had at home but in a coffee stand.
People lived in furnished rooms  Not house, it is a place where sleep and had a fast dinner.
The second sketch gives a sense of solitude and desolation.     
III part
A squalid atmosphere and introduction of a human beings: a woman who represented one of us.
As a modernist she represented all parts of her are negative. She has been on the edge of the bed and she has got curls and with her hands she rubs the yellow sole of the feet. Disgust.
Language is totally unpoetically but the words are very easy.     
IV part
Eliot re-introduces the evening from the first part and the soul from the third. It  connects the images and themes from the previous sections together. The soul ''stretched tight across the skies'' may or may not be the same soul from the previous section.
Clarks back home. The world is compare to old women.


Translate I
La sera invernale scende giù
Con odori di bistecche nei passaggi.
Le sei.
I mozziconi bruciacchiati di giorni fumosi.
E ora una pioggia ventosa avvolge
Brandelli fangosi
Di foglie secche intorno ai tuoi piedi
E giornali soffiati da spiazzi vuoti;