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Riassunto su The Early Romantic Age - It started with the reign of king George III (1760).
He was a very unpopular king, because he dismissed the Prime Minister and he surrounded himself with some ministers called “the King’s friends”, because they acted according to the king’s will, and this means that the Parliament was controlled by the King himself.

In America there was a growing demand for liberty, because America was subordinated to Great Britain economically. There was a law called “Navigation Act” dating back to the 17th century, according to which American trade had to be carried in British ships. In addition, Americans could buy only British goods and they had to pay taxes to England.

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However, American colonies did not have the right to elect members in Westminster Parliament and they thought it was not right to pay taxes without the possibility to be represented (“no taxation without representation”).
In 1773 there was the famous “Boston Tea Party”, a formal rebellion, because some American colonists threw a shipload of tea into Boston harbour so as not to pay taxes on it (it was English tea taken from England and sold in America).

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