Robinson Crusoe

riassunto in inglese dei viaggi di Robinson Crusoe (1 pagine formato doc)

Robinson Crusoe. ROBINSON CRUSOE First act There is a big storm and some sailors in a big ship are trying to save a man who has fallen overboard.

They cannot turn the ship because it is leaking. They decide to go to the small islands of America. They must take a small boat, taht is then overturned, so they are thrown into the water. Robinson wakes up on an island.

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He realizes that he is safe, but also that he is alone. He runs up and down the beach where he sees a hat and a pair of shoes, thinking that there is a man, but soon he understands that he is really alone.
Suddenly he sees his dog, which runs away and finds a cave. He starts to build a house and a fence. When he finishes, he talks with the dog and then goes to bed.

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Second act Robinson decides to write a journal. While he is looking at the sea, he sees a boat. He tries to call the mariners, but they don't see him. He captures a parrot, and he calls her Polly. Robinson teaches her to speak. Third act Robinson teaches Friday about hats, shirts and jerkins; he gives him a pair of pants, a pair of shoes and an umbrella.