Romantic Age

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Emotion versus Reason

The period from the Declaration of American Independence (1776) to 1830 was marked by two main revolutions: the industrial revolution which brought about the idea of progress and the French Revolution which spread the ideas of freedom, equality, brotherhood...
they both brought many important changes.

In the last 30 years of the 18th century a new sensibility became dominant which came to be known in Literature as Romanticism; it was a reaction against faith in reason and promoted the supremacy of feeling and emotions. It contained elements of introspection, nostalgia, emotionalism, individualism.

It was a new way of considering the role of man in the universe: man is part of universe as the other natural beings.

A great attention was paid to tradition and the Middle Ages, this revival of the past was perceived as a contrast with the present reality (desolate, love of ruins...).

Poetry helped people to take part in God's divine project because the poet was the only one who could understand nature and explain it to the humble people  In fact poets used to write in a very simple way to allow humble people to understand.

Nature was submitted to revolution too; was no longer seen as a philosophical idea, something which man could rule by reason (it was also exploited), slowly it came to be felt a real living being to be described as it actually was.

Man and nature = one unity (same divine project).

As the same way: humble and rich were in the same divine project.

Imagination gained a key role as a means of giving expression to emotional experience not strictly accountable to reason.