Romanzo gotico e romanzo di costume: Walter Scott e Jane Austen

Appunti di inglese sul romanzo gotico di Walter Scott e sul romanzo di costume di Jane Austen (2 pagine formato doc)

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The gothic novel.

The Gothic novel developed during the end ofXVIIIcentury as a reaction against good sense and realism of writer such as Defoe, Richardson.
Gothic: refer to the architectural style of Middle Age.
2.means “barbarous” and “irregular” against the regularity of the Augustan Age.
3.means “wild” and “supernatural”.
At the beginning G. stood for M. A.
Now it means “horror” or “noir”. The aim was to thrill the reader instead of amusing and educating. The G. n. is a novel concerned about horrible events, fantastic, supernatural facts.
Constant features:
1.great important to terrifying description. setting, isolated, hunted, castles, convents, secret passage. Catholic countries this was due to the prejudice of protestants against the catholics.
3.atmosphere was know as the G. Gloomy, the elements which contributed this atmosphere are: ghastly moonlight, sublime landscapes, thick forests and fog.
4.Characters:Superntural creatures (ghosts,vampires,monsters,warewolf). Common people:female ch. Is a innocent and pure girl who is persecuted by the male ch. who is the villain.
The sentiments/feeling are exaggerated.The plot is complicated and improbable.
Walpole:1764”the castle of Otranto”,Arne Radcliffe:1797”the italian”1794”the Mysteries of Udolpho”,M.G.Shelly1818”frankestein”.
The Historical novel was a tipical british phenomenon because Walter Scott is considered the founder of this new literary genre. The the combination of fictional and historical events(real elements).


Walter Scott (H.N.) was born in Edinburgh in 1771.The peculiar about W.S. is that is he loved his country passionately and he devoyed himself to the heroic times of  Scottish History. He went on many trips to the wild and primitive districts of the Highlands, where he got in to touch with the people and local legends of his country.This trips were very important for his works because he collected a lot of information about customs of ancient people who would portray in his novels.Scott was very skilful in describing unknown/fictional characters,he was less convincing with real people.He has a great influence on the other autors such as Manzoni,Tolstoy,Hugo,Balzac.
Scott’s feature:in his novels we can find the following characteristics:1.the union of traditions and romans,the setting(British and France)is usually the18century.2.the union of historical events and imaginary heroes such as “Ivanhoe” who was a Saxon nobleman whose life evolved around king Richard the Lion Hearted.3.the vitality of the past.He wanted to celebrated the greatless of places and scenary filling them with men and women of the past.
Scott’s technique:S.’s novels are told in3th person and the narrator is omniscient.He used Historical documents,whether real or invented.Detailed descriptions,he used flashbacks to follow the adventures of different characters in different places.

Jane Austen e i novels of manners


THE NOVEL OF MANNERS AND JANE AUSTEN - The Novel of Manners(Domestic Novel). Jane Austen 1775 -1817.She was born in Steventon(a important country),the peculiarity is that she led a uneventful life.Her father was the reverend George Austen and ws the rector to the parish.He was a classical scholar,she was educated by her father.She belong to country gently(landowners).She lived in5cities Steventon,Bath(will be the setting of one of her novels),Southampton,Chowton(was a residence of a older brother and where she went with her mother and sister after the dead of the father)and Winchester(where she died).
Her works:she began to write when she was very young.She wrote for her pleasure and to entertain her family.She was able to describe very well the society.6novels:the first3novels(”sense and sensibility”1811;”pride and prejudice”1813;”northanger Abbey”posthumous1811)belonged to the first group because they were written when she was younger27.The last3novels(“monsfield Park”1814; ”Emma”1816; ”persuation”posthumous1818)were written when she was over35.During these10years she revised and corrected her previous novels.