Romantic themes

Appunti in inglese sui temi del romanticismo (1 pagine formato pdf)

Appunto di siux93
Love for nature:
There is a strong pantheism and nature is seen as a living entity.
Poets perceive nature as a friend, a moral teacher. Every natural element seems to have a soul, seems to be able to love, to have passions and feelings; even a stone.
Interest in the glorification of common themes:
Poets didn’t want just to focalize the supernatural, but also the ordinary, everyday life. They wanted to remove the film of familiarity that avoided people to see the real essence of things. This glorification has an important symbol: the Child. As a matter of fact the child is innocent, is not corrupted by society, he is the symbol of exploitation (child labour).
The Children are important ‘cause they use a simple language and they also have a gift: the memory.
Supernatural and magic:
This desire of supernatural starts with the definition of the universe. It is a living entity manifested to men on two levels: apparent (nature) and invisible (supernatural). The second one cam be entered with the use of dreams, of nightmares, visions and occult: areas that were very studied by romantic. Some authors were in the habit to write their production under the effect of opium so that they lose the contact with reality. They had hallucinations, distortion of the reality, that permit them to enter the dimension of dreams and spirits.
Dark heroes:
And satanic heroes. This is an area typically romantic and a negative one. Is the area of uncommon and forbidden. There is a strong interest for the forbidden, for the satanic; and it is linked to the interest for the infinity and supernatural.