Seconda guerra mondiale: riassunto in inglese

Riassunto in inglese della seconda guerra mondiale: il contesto sociale, scientifico e culturale del tempo (2 pagine formato doc)


Second World War (Seconda guerra mondiale). During Victorian Age the Britain was the first power in Europe.

At the end of world war II° it had losing the power on the colony that little by little become indipendent; in fact there was an increase of nationalitist feeling in various colonies.

Moreover during the war the japan capture of severl territories of the Empire in Asia.

In July 1945 the LABOUR PARTY came to power and started to lay the basis of the WELFAR STATE which war time committes had already planned.
The economist, KEYNES, say that government intervention was necessary to maintain the economy of the state and garanted a high
Level employment, so after the government nationalized mayor industries ( coal,iron,and steel) and the railways.
The Mixed economy aimed to raise the liveing standard of all British people. The result of the inflation was strikes and tension between government and the tride unions.
In 1951 the conservative party returned to power and continued the Welfare policy of the previous Labour government trying to mantain the full employment.


The SUEZ CRISIES for the first time showed a decline of the Britain power. In 1950’s started the so-called “cold war” between USA and western democracies against USSR and her allies. In Britain developed the Campaign for Nuclear Desarmaments for the threat [minaccia] of nuclar war.

In 1964 labour party won the elections and tryed to resolve all the problems that the conservatives party left them.
Harold Wilson and his CABINET proposed a technological revolution and they unsuccessfully attempts to become a member of the European Economic Community. (EEC) but at that time lower and middle class where very scepticipts about the supposed economic benefits about the enter in the EEC.

Seconda guerra mondiale: inzio, alleanze e fine della guerra


[SOCIAL CONTEXT:] The post war years were characterize by economically dependence from USA with the MARSHALL AID PROGRAMME.
The labour government introduced a national healt service and the financial help for the old, the poor and mothers and children. From the 60s started the new youth cultures celebrating freedom and self-expression.
With this revolution appeared different groups like the Teddy Boys,Rockers,Mods,Hippies.
There was also formale revolt in 70s with the neo-feminist movement of the “Woman’s Lib”.
In these years there were permessivism in sexual behaviour, illegal drogues and general scorn [rifiuto] for norms and values [valori].
Permessivism was considered an individual responsabilities and with this new liberalism were legalisied the abortion and homosexual relation.
The Labour government introduced laws against the racial discrimination.
The swinging 60s rappresented, with Mary Quant, the Beatles, the rolling Stones, the drug culture, the unusual cloths, the freedom of the young people.
From 1970 until today the costant problem of the Britain is unenployment specially in north Scotland and northern Ireland.