Sense and sensibility di Jane Austen: analisi e tematiche

Breve analisi e tematiche in inglese del romanzo "Sense and sensibility" di Jane Austen (1 pagine formato doc)

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He was rich and she was handsome.

This passage is very important because in it we can find some of the main themes of the novel:the marriage,the social conventions and ideas of that period… .
At the beginig we can find a sort of potrait f mrs jennings:a widow with 2 married daughters and a lot of money and mens. Her main concern is to organise marriages between all the people she knows.
Then are also introduced others minor but important characters:mrs dashwood and her daughters,marianne and elinor and colonel brandon.
The main theme of the passage is the possible marriage between colonel brandon and one of the lady described and the ideas that the ladies have about him..
The marriage was one of the main themes of Jane Austen.we find it also in emma the main character,emma,loves organises marriages but sometimes is a big failure(for example between harriet and mr elton).
From emma we also know that Jane Austen didn’t agree at marriages between people from different social classes(for example harriet and mr martin,the farmer).

Orgoglio e pregiudizio di Jane Austen: trama breve


Willoughby turns marriane down. Elinor and marianne are in london at a party.they see willoughby,the man that marriane isin love,with another rich and beautiful lady.
At this moment is underline the difference between marriane’s rection(very impulsive,she shows her feeling at all infact she is the symbol of sensibility)and elinor more rational that  tries to keep quite her sister(in fact she is the symbol of sense).