Shakespeare in love

recensione in inglese del film "Shakespeare in love" con analisi dei personaggi e piccolo commento (2 pagine formato doc)

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In London, in the summer of 1593, William Shakespeare, a young playwright very famous in London’s theatres, didn’t have the inspiration for a new tragedy.
The one element he had it was the title: Romeo and Ethel. He was looking for someone who could act the part of Romeo, when in the theatre arrived Thomas Kent who acted perfectly another Shakespeare’s drama. William was surprised and he wanted him for the Romeo’s part, so he asked him to take off his hat to see his face and recognoise him, but the actor ran away because he was a woman, and women weren’t allowed on the stage. Thomas Kent was actually Viola De Lesseps, a noble woman that Shakespeare had seen and who had fallen in love with.. She had to marry another noble man, Lord Wessex, but anyhow she continued to play under Thomas Kent’s dresses, while the love story with William, was going on..
At the noble party of Greenwich the queen made a bet about a play that would express the real nature of Love, and this bet will be won by Romeo and Juliet, the Shakespeare’s comedy, that is made possible because of the inspiration given by Viola.