Spoon River anthology

Commento in lingua inglese ad alcune poesie della celebre antologia di Edgar Lee Masters (2 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di swanny
Serepta Mason

This poem talks about a woman who was forced to renounce her ideas by the people of the village.
In this poem the author presents the relationship between Serepta, a sensitive and free woman with an artistic personality and the conformist, over-devout people of the village.

Serepta criticizes the people of the villane and says that they are blind because they couldn't appreciate her personalità or know the unseen forces that govern the process of life.

In this poem there aren't rhymes, there's a big metaphor of Serepta's life, which is compared to a flower and of the society, which is compared to the bitter wind.

Minerva Jones

In this poetry there aren't rhymes. It's composed by 12 verses, but the strophe is only one.
there is an enjambement between the fourth ans fifth line.

The poetess narrates her disperate condition; with this poetry she wants to express her stolte of mind. She feels so alone that she dispatches a disperate request trough the poem.

This poetess is jeered for her body, sut she isn't appreciates for her intelligence or for her charachter because nobody knows her and nobody wants to know her! She wants to remember an event of her life, that has change her existence.