In a station of the metro (Ezra Pound) -analysis

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Appunto di siux93
Title is important because it provides the setting: Paris’s underground.
Black is the color of the bough as the color of the metro. There is no light visible.
“Apparition” is linked to something related to light and it is also linked to “these faces”. The poet is living the situation, he is attracted by the faces even if there is a lot of people (crowd). In the crowd the poet sees the apparition of the faces, and he compared them to the “petals-black-bough”. Trees are black and wet because it is raining. But even if they are black you can perceive the beauty of the petals that are full of colors, not black.
When the poet sees these wonderful faces he feels wonder. Petals are in the same setting of the metro: they are on a black, wet bough.
“Wet” is useful to justify the word “Black”.

Petals have a positive connotation, there are flowers –maybe in bloom-. These faces causes a positive effect on the poet. So the poet helps us to understand his vision. These petals are like a vision in a contest that is dark. The poet is attracted by these faces, not by others.